Meet the Management Team
and the Advisory Board

Executive management of Ultranav businesses

Jan Vermeij

CEO Ultranav

Mr. Jan Vermeij has more than 30 years of working experience, holding different management positions in Chile, Argentina and Peru. Mr. Vermeij has been part of the Ultranav Group for about 23 years. In 2007, he was appointed Executive Vice President of Petrolera Transoceanica, an important shipping Company based in Peru. In 2009, he came back to Chile being designated CEO of Ultratug, the Ultranav’s tugboat company with operations in 8 countries in South America. In 2014, he assumed the responsibility to lead Ultramar group of companies holding the position of CEO. In 2018, Mr. Jan Vermeij is back to Ultranav, first as COO and subsequently as CEO. Mr. Vermeij has a Bachelor of Arts degree (Economics major) from the Occidental College – Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. and a post-graduated in Business Administration from Universidad Adolfo Ibañez – Santiago, Chile. 

Hans-Christian Olesen

CEO Ultrabulk

Mr. Hans-Christian Olesen has been in the shipping industry since 1987, where he started in the East Asiatic Company (EAC). In his early career, he was stationed for two years in Vancouver, Canada, and two years in New York, USA. In 1994, Mr. Olesen returned to Copenhagen where he took responsibility for the company’s chartering department for European dry cargo division. In 1997, he transferred to the Eitzen group in connection with the latter’s take-over of EAC’s bulk activities, and in 2010 Eitzen Bulk merged into Ultrabulk. Mr. Olesen has held various roles and management positions in Ultrabulk. From 2003, he headed the Far East and Middle East activities and subsequently in 2007, took global responsibility for the company’s Supramax activities. In 2014, Mr. Olesen also took charge of the company’s global Panamax activities, before taking the position as Chief Operating Officer in 2021. Since 2022, Mr. Olesen has held the position as Chief Executive Officer of Ultrabulk. Mr. Olesen has a degree in International Trade from the Copenhagen Business School. Mr. Olesen is a member of the Baltic Exchange Index Council, and is also Director at BIMCO. Furthermore, he is a board member of several Ultrabulk subsidiaries. 

Matías Aguirre

CEO Cape Tankers

Mr. Matias Aguirre commenced his shipping career with the Ultranav Group in 2002, starting as Commercial Executive and later moved to the Chartering department in Fort Lauderdale in 2004. Mr. Aguirre took over the position of General Manager of Lauderdale Tankers in 2015 and was appointed as CEO of Cape Tankers in 2020. Mr. Aguirre holds extensive experience and deep understanding of the industry, he is a graduate of Commercial Engineering and has an MBA from the Adolfo Ibáñez School of Management. 



Andres Rusch

CEO Austral Products Tankers

Mr. Andres Rusch is the Chief Executive Officer of Austral Product Tankers, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the maritime industry. His journey in shipping commenced in 2005 with the Ultranav Group, where he held diverse roles within the Tanker units. After three years in Chile, Mr. Rusch ascended to the position of Senior Chartering Manager at Cape Tankers in the Miami offices in 2008 where he successfully contributed to the growth of the Dirty Petroleum Products unit. In 2015, he returned to Chile to take on the role of General Manager Head of Projects for Ultratank. Under his guidance, numerous successful projects and tenders were executed, marking a significant contribution to the company’s achievements. Mr. Rusch was appointed as the CEO of Austral Product Tankers in 2018, prompting his relocation to Miami, where he currently resides. In addition to his role at Austral Product Tankers, he serves as the Pool Manager for the Clean Products Tanker Alliance (CPTA). This venture involves trading MR vessels globally in partnership with other industry leaders and has been operational and managed by Ultranav since 2015. Mr. Rusch completed his business studies at the Universidad de Chile and holds an MBA from Universidad Adolfo Ibanez. 

Juan Carlos Perez-Ferretti

CEO Ultratank

Mr. Juan Carlos Perez-Ferretti has extensive experience from the shipping industry and has been with the Ultranav group since 1994, coming from the cabotage subsidiary Antares Naviera in Argentina, where he was Senior Vice President. He has been in Chile since 2005, taking different management positions in cabotage trades, gas, clean petroleum products and chemicals, and in 2020, he was promoted to CEO of Ultratank. Mr. Perez-Ferretti graduated from the blue MBA in 2021, the executive MBA program from Copenhagen Business School.


Benedict Geber

CEO Horizon

Mr. Benedict Geber started his shipping career with the Ultranav Group in 2006, as part of the team responsible for developing the Group’s Ultrabulk, dry cargo business platform. In 2009 he was promoted and transferred to Horizon Shipping in Miami, as Chartering Manager. Three years of intense company development followed and culminated with his appointment as CEO in 2013. Mr. Geber completed his business studies at the University of Passau in Bavaria and he holds a degree in Business Administration (Diplom-Kaufmann) from the Technische Universität (TU) – Berlin.


Raimundo Sanchez

CEO Ultranav Chile

Mr. Raimundo Sanchez has held several positions Business Develop and Finance including being CFO at International Salt Company in the United States (Pennsylvania). In 2010 Mr. Sanchez joined Ultranav as Business Development Manager and in 2011 became CFO of Ultranav. In 2020, Mr. Sanchez was appointed COO of Ultranav and in 2021 he took the position as CEO of Ultranav Chile. Mr. Sanchez graduated as an Industrial Engineer from Universidad Católica de Chile and holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management. 



Federico Irrgang

Chairman Antares Naviera & Wilson Sons UltraTug Offshore

Mr. Federico Irrgang joined the Ultranav Group in 2003 as CEO of Antares Naviera SA in Argentina. He currently holds the position of Chairman of Antares and Chairman of Wilson Sons Ultratug Offshore in Brazil. Prior to joining the Ultranav group, Mr. Irrgang worked 12 years in the Perez Company Group developing his career in exploration and production of oil and gas. He also held the position as Head of Planning and Business Developments, and sat as board member of several subsidiaries of the group. Mr. Irrgang holds a MSCI from Iowa State University and graduated as civil engineer from University of Buenos Aires. 


Martin Brau

CEO Antares Naviera

Mr. Martin Brau joined the Ultranav Group in 2008 and has since been working in managerial positions in Antares. Until 2013, he was the Head of the Offshore and Tug Division as well as a Member of the Board of Directors; in January 2014 he was appointed CEO of the Company. Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Brau worked for 15 years in the oil sector and served in several countries such as Argentina, Ecuador and Venezuela. Mr. Brau holds an MBA from the M.I.T (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and graduated with honors as an Industrial Engineer from the Buenos Aires Institute of Technolgy (ITBA). 



Diego Florez

CEO Naviera Transoceánica

Mr. Diego Florez has been a part of the company for 23 years, starting as Operations Executive and steadily working his way up. From his many years in the company Mr. Florez holds extensive experience and deep understanding of the industry. In 2023 Mr. Florez took over the position as CEO of Naviera Transoceánica. Mr. Florez is a graduate of Industrial Engineering from the University of Lima and has an MBA from the Adolfo Ibáñez School of Management in Miami.

Cristián Lyon

CEO Ultratug

Mr. Cristián Lyon is a Commercial Engineer who joined the Ultramar Group in 2007. He started his path in Ultratug Chile as a Projects Engineer and Management Controller for three years and a half. Then, he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina to work as Chief of the Offshore division in Antares Naviera, operating 4 AHT’s in the South of Argentina, and 1 AHTS in the north of Brazil. After studying an MBA in the IE Business School in Madrid, he returned to Ultratug in Chile, to look for Harbour Towage and Offshore opportunities around the world as the Business Development Manager of the Holding until joining Coremar Coltugs as CEO in 2017. In 2021 Cristián took the position as CEO of Ultratug. 

Per Lange

CEO Ultranav International ApS

Mr. Per Lange started his shipping career in 1981 with A.P.Moller-Maersk and was part of the management of the Maersk Bulk team from 1985 to 1995. In 1995 he joined EAC Shipping A/S, which was acquired by Tschudi & Eitzen in 1997 when Mr. Lange became part of the management of the Bulker Division. He was promoted to Managing Director in 2006. When Eitzen Bulk became part of the Ultranav Group in 2010, Mr. Lange continued as CEO of Ultrabulk, and during subsequent years he headed an important expansion. In 2023, Mr. Lange assumed the position as CEO of Ultranav International ApS, based in Copenhagen. Mr. Lange is a member of the Commercial Committee and the Climate Change Advisory Board in Danish Shipping, as well as a board member of Upteko and MAHI and Chairperson of CLIIN Robotics and Port Safety. 

Christian Csaszar

Fleet & Projects Director

Mr. Christian Csaszar began his shipping career in 1986, and has since then he has held various positions within the companies of the Ultranav Group where he has carried out several important duties. Since 2002, he has held senior management positions as Executive Vice President at Petrolera Transoceanica, Peru and as CEO of SONAP, Chile. Mr. Csaszar current holds the position as Fleet & Projects Director in Ultranav. Mr. Csaszar has a diploma as qualified shipping businessman from Insalco, Chile / Chamber of Commerce Hamburg, and holds a degree in Business Administration from DAV-Foreign Trade and Transport Academy of Bremen, Germany. In addition, he has completed several executive development programs – the Program for Executive Development at IMD, Switzerland and the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School of Boston (USA)

Francisco Larrain

CFO Ultranav

Mr. Francisco Larrain joined the Ultramar Group in Chile in 2008 and has held different positions within the Group thereafter. He has a financial and analytical background from several positions, including Senior Business Analyst in Ultrabulk in Copenhagen from 2011 to 2014 and later as Head of Business Development & Planning in Ultranav in Santiago from 2015 to 2016. He joined Ultranav Business Support in Copenhagen in November 2016 as Managing Director, and in 2020, Mr. Larrain was appointed CFO of Ultranav. Mr. Larrain studied Industrial Engineering at Universidad Católica in Santiago, Chile. From 2014 to 2015 he studied an MBA with a focus on Finance at the Kellogg School of Management in Chicago, USA. 


Advisory board

Per von Appen


Mr. Per von Appen has been across the world to educate and gain knowledge of the industry. Mr. von Appen obtained a Business Degree at the Universidad Católica de Chile. His theoretical education has been complemented via an Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School of Boston (USA). After graduating, Mr. von Appen took shipping internships, both in Europe and the USA, most notably at Galbraith in London, Oldendorff in Germany and Cape Tankers, Fort Lauderdale. In 2011, Mr. von Appen was appointed Ultrabulk Executive Vice President, Head of Handysize. Three years later, in 2014, he transferred and appointed Executive Vice President of Transmares. Later, Mr. von Appen became in charge of Fray Leon, and in 2023 he was appointed Chairman of Ultranav. His theoretical education has been complimented via a management development program that included an advanced management program at the Harvard University.

Dag von Appen

Board Member

Mr. Dag von Appen has held several executive positions in different areas of Ultranav both in Chile as well as several years in different countries, with associated enterprises in the shipping industry. For approximately 20 years Mr. von Appen served as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Ultranav and as a Board Member of Ultramar. During his tenure as the head of Ultranav, the company underwent an important expansion and development from being a major regional player to having a significant global presence. In 2022, Mr. von Appen decided to step down from his responsibilities as Chairman, passing on the baton to his brother, Per von Appen, and today Mr. von Appen serves as a member of the Ultranav Advisory Board. Mr. von Appen holds a degree in Economics from the Universidad de Chile in Santiago, and he has also completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School of Boston (USA).

Enrique Ide

Board Member

Peter Stokes

Board Member

Mr. Peter Stokes has been involved in the shipping industry for 50 years, most recently as Senior Adviser and Head of Shipping at Lazard. Through his work as a senior investment banker and member of several boards of directors, Mr. Stokes has long-standing experience in acting as advisor to many shipping companies. He has been a member of the Advisory Board of Ultranav for the past 10 years and is currently also Chairman of the Global Maritime Forum, a non-profit foundation dedicated to shaping the future of global seaborne trade to increase sustainable long-term economic development and human well-being. Due to his breadth of knowledge, Peter Stokes is a frequent speaker at international shipping and finance conferences. 

Ion Panagiotis Gatsos

Board Member

Mr. Panagiotis Gatsos has held several positions in different areas of Ultranav for more than 17 years, most recently as the CEO of Ultranav Invest. He has been leading the financial investments of the group in shipping Equities, Fixed income and projects serving as a member of the board of directors of +20 shipping SPVs / companies. Mr. Gatsos holds an M.Sc in Economics for Development from the University of Oxford.


Meet the Management Team and the Advisory Board.

Cargoes & Services

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LGP & Petchem Gases

Navigator Gas operates a fleet of ethylene and semi-refrigerated gas carriers, with sizes ranging from 3,500 cbm to 35,000 cbm capacity.

Dry bulk

Through its subsidiaries Ultrabulk and Horizon, Ultranav serves a wide range of dry bulk segments. The fleet transports numerous types of dry cargo.

Coastal trades

Ultranav has many years of extensive knowledge operating in the coastal areas of South America. We cover a variety of trading platforms in different segments.

Towage & offshore

Ultranav is active in both towage and offshore segments through the subsidiaries Ultratug and Wilson Sons Ultratug Offshore.

Ultra Ventures

Ultra Ventures invest in maritime related start up companies, with the focus on new technologies.


UltraSafe is a programme designed to anchor safety within our culture. Its aim is to create a safety culture which everyone trusts; resilient and strong.

Fuel efficiency

Ultranav continuously investigates and invests in different devices and technologies to optimise our vessels and practices towards more sustainable solutions.


Ultranav operates a diversified fleet including owned tonnage, chartered tonnage and joint venture/co-owned vessels in different segments, offering a full variety of shipping services.