Ultranav operates a fleet
of owned and chartered vessels

Our fleet

Ultranav operates a fleet of owned and chartered vessels, in total 417 by the end of 2023. Fleet compositions is diversified in terms of types and sizes and adjusted on a current basis in order to meet trades and partners’ demand.


99 vessels


Tankers are designed to carry liquid cargo in bulk. Typical types of tankers include, oil tankers, chemical tankers and product tankers. Depending on the nature of the cargo, the tankers can have various related features and technology. Cargo types include crude oil, petroleum products, vegetable oils, etc.


194 vessels

Dry cargo

Dry bulk vessels carry cargoes that come in large, unpacked quantities. Dry bulk cargoes are typically dropped or poured in to the vessel hold by e.g. a grab. Typical types of dry bulk cargoes include grains, minerals, steel and pellets. After each voyage, the cargo holds are thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the next cargo type.


15 vessels

MPP and containers

An MPP/multi-purpose vessel is a bulk carrier designed for the carriage of different types of cargo: bulk, breakbulk or project cargoes – or a combination. It carries full shipments as well as part-cargoes including imo cargoes, inland transport and bagging/strapping. The vessel is typically geared single or tween-deckers.


3 vessels

Gas carriers

A gas carrier is specially designed to carry liquified gases under pressure and controlled temperature, such as LNG, LPG, petrochemicals, etc. The vessels come as ethylene capable, semi-refrigerated or fully refrigerated vessels.


67 vessels

Harbour tugs

Harbour tugs typically operate as ship assist vessels, escorting large, ocean-going vessels in port and harbour areas or offering support during certain maneuvering operations to avoid accidents and collisions.


23 vessels


PSV stands for Platform Supply Vessel and is a vessel designed to supply offshore oil and gas platforms. PSVs typically transports good, tools, equipment and personnel to and from offshore platforms.


4 vessels


AHTS is an Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessel built to handle anchors for oil rigs, tow them to location and secure rigs. AHTS vessels can also be used for emergency response and rescue operations.


3 vessels

Pusher tugs

A pusher tug is designed for pushing barges on inland waterways, such as rivers and vanals. A pusher tug has a square bow allowing it to push the barge (compared to the rounded bow of a harbour tug).


5 vessels


A barge is a long, narrow boat with a flat bottom, making it ideal for inland transportation of heavy goods or bulk cargoes on rivers and canals. The barge is often pushed or pulled by tugboats.


4 vessels

Pilot/Crew/Work boats

Pilot boats, crew boats and work boats are designed for service, support, logistical and other tasks at sea.

Fleet overview

*Fleet overview as per 1/1 2024.

Deep sea fleet

Owned Time Charter > 1 year Time Charter < 1 year Joint venture Total NB Owned NB Time Charter Brand/Company
Gas carriers / 15,000-36,000 cbm 3 3 Navitranso
Tankers 38 23 10 28 99 3 Ultranav Chile /
Ultratank /
Antares /
Navitranso /
Cape Tankers /
Chemical / 14,000-35,000 dwt 4 14 5 23 1
Product Handy / 5,000-45,000 dwt 14 14
Product MR / 45,000-55,000 dwt 5 5 3 11 24 2
Crude Oil Panamax / 65,000-80,000 dwt 13 3 14 30
Crude Oil Aframax / 100,000-120,000 dwt 2 1 3 3 8
Dry bulk 3 70 121 194 12 Ultranav Chile /
Ultrabulk /
Handymax / 25,000-45,000 dwt 1 25 66 92 5
Supramax / 45,000-65,000 dwt 2 23 48 73 6
Panamax / 65,000-85,000 dwt 22 7 29 1
MPP / 8,000-25,000 dwt 5 2 8 15 2 Ultranav Chile /
Total fleet 49 95 139 28 311 17

Towage & Offshore

Harbour tugs 67
PSV 23
Pilot boats 4
Pusher tugs & barges 8
Total Vessels 106


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Cargoes & Services

Read more about our cargoes & services.

LGP & Petchem Gases

Navigator Gas operates a fleet of ethylene and semi-refrigerated gas carriers, with sizes ranging from 3,500 cbm to 35,000 cbm capacity.

Dry bulk

Through its subsidiaries Ultrabulk and Horizon, Ultranav serves a wide range of dry bulk segments. The fleet transports numerous types of dry cargo.

Coastal trades

Ultranav has many years of extensive knowledge operating in the coastal areas of South America. We cover a variety of trading platforms in different segments.

Towage & offshore

Ultranav is active in both towage and offshore segments through the subsidiaries Ultratug and Wilson Sons Ultratug Offshore.

Ultra Ventures

Ultra Ventures invest in maritime related start up companies, with the focus on new technologies.


UltraSafe is a programme designed to anchor safety within our culture. Its aim is to create a safety culture which everyone trusts; resilient and strong.

Fuel efficiency

Ultranav continuously investigates and invests in different devices and technologies to optimise our vessels and practices towards more sustainable solutions.


Ultranav operates a diversified fleet including owned tonnage, chartered tonnage and joint venture/co-owned vessels in different segments, offering a full variety of shipping services.