Per Lange, CEO Ultranav International

“The investments are not just to the benefit of the start-ups –
they also serve as a great inspiration to Ultranav as they demonstrate
other solutions, ways of doing business and new trends.”

Ultra Ventures

Ultra Ventures mandate is to invest in maritime related start up companies, with the focus on new technoloigies. The investments are handled by an investments committee. The focus for the investments are: Crew welfare, safety and environment/climate.

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We invest in companies that has a maritime focus, and that can benefit with new technologies within crew welfare, safety and/or climate/environment. 

Currently we have invested in 8 companies:


Production of electric motors through FiberPrinting technology. Alva’s vision is to create the most reliable electric drive system in the world. The Fiber Printing™ enables rapid design and manufacture of ironless winding for any electric motor or generator – which also means that the motors can be used in various industries.


Ballast water management system based on patented heat-based technology to treat ballast water. The Bawat BMWS contains a pasteurising unit, and the combination of temperature and retention time ensures the elimination of all living organisms, which ultimately helps protecting the ecological balance of ports and oceans. Ideal on tanker vessels. BAWAT produces traditional units from ships, but also mobile units for ports and terminals and the system works for all water types and temperatures anywhere in the world


Robot technology for cleaning to reduce environmental footprints from vessels and optimise turnaround time of onshore tanks. CLIIN uses robot technology to significantly reduce the environmental impact from the vessel cleaning process. This is achieved by limiting the amount of water and drastically reduce the need to use chemicals in the cleaning process of cargo holds. The robots are used mainly for hold- and hull cleaning. Lately cleaning tanks in ports.

Core Power

Global frontrunner in the development of new nuclear technologies for the maritime sector. Develop applications with game-changing enhancements to global logistics and commodities chains. CORE POWER aim to help the industry transition from fossil-fuel to nuclear-energy power to make the industry more sustainable. They want to achieve this through Molten Salt Reactors (MSR) which are advanced nuclear reactors that uses liquid fuel instead of solid fuel, and therefore they cannot melt down.


Equipment for autonomous navigations for vessels. MAHI has launched the MAHI Sense or, as they refer to it “Autonomy-in-a-box”, whish is an autonomous computer capable of navigation sensor data to perceive its environment and suggest collision avoidance paths to the remote operator. The MAHI Sense device comes with a User Interface called the MAHI Bridge to support the vessel operator with visualisations of its surroundings. MAHI Sense gets integrated thought the navigation sensors and communication module or the network switch on board the vessel.

NRP Zero

Licensed alternative investment fund manager that invests in and supports industrial cleantech ventures in the Nordic. NRP Zero was established with the philosophy of investing in companies that work on energy transition and resource efficiency.


Reinforced plastic modules for port ladders in a UV resistant bright yellow color. Port-Safety has developed LifeLadder©, an innovative product that improves safety around wharfs and quay walls. LifeLadder©’s signature bright yellow colour ensures visibility throughout the day, and the solar powered LightUnit illuminates the ladder and provides visibility during the night. It has a significantly lower weight than the traditional alternative and is easy to handle and install. Corrosion becomes a non-issue and LifeLadder© also does not require maintenance to remain visible.


Pricing drones with the ambition to offer autonomous inspections to the maritime and offshore/wind segment. Upteko’s vision is to improve the offshore sector with advanced aerial & robotics technology. Upteko work to make offshore operations more reliable, secure and efficient for ship crews and shipowners.


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LGP & Petchem Gases

Navigator Gas operates a fleet of ethylene and semi-refrigerated gas carriers, with sizes ranging from 3,500 cbm to 35,000 cbm capacity.

Dry bulk

Through its subsidiaries Ultrabulk and Horizon, Ultranav serves a wide range of dry bulk segments. The fleet transports numerous types of dry cargo.

Coastal trades

Ultranav has many years of extensive knowledge operating in the coastal areas of South America. We cover a variety of trading platforms in different segments.

Towage & offshore

Ultranav is active in both towage and offshore segments through the subsidiaries Ultratug and Wilson Sons Ultratug Offshore.

Ultra Ventures

Ultra Ventures invest in maritime related start up companies, with the focus on new technologies.


UltraSafe is a programme designed to anchor safety within our culture. Its aim is to create a safety culture which everyone trusts; resilient and strong.

Fuel efficiency

Ultranav continuously investigates and invests in different devices and technologies to optimise our vessels and practices towards more sustainable solutions.


Ultranav operates a diversified fleet including owned tonnage, chartered tonnage and joint venture/co-owned vessels in different segments, offering a full variety of shipping services.