Towage & offshore

WSUT is one of the leading providers
of maritime support to oil exploration
and production activities in Brazil.

Towage & offshore

Towage & offshore

Harbour Towage: With a versatile fleet, Ultratug offers around-the-clock harbour towage services including in-port shifting and escorting of vessels in over 40 seaports and terminals in 7 countries in Latin America. The diverse customer base comprises all types of vessels requiring assistance, such as container ships, tankers, bulkers, cruise vessels, gas carriers, among many others.

Oil & Gas Terminal Assistance: Ultratug provides a full range of services to Oil & Gas terminals. The services consist of supporting tanker or gas carriers mooring/unmooring and assistance during loading/unloading operations, as well as inspection, maintenance and repair works to the buoys and anchoring systems.

Emergency Response and Salvage: As a member of the International Salvage Union (ISU), Ultratug responds to any ship in distress or in need of assistance. With an extensive track record of emergency towing, refloating, wreck removal, stabilising, and firefighting operations, the company has become one of the leading Emergency Response and Salvage operators in Latin America.

Marine Environmental Protection: Ultratug has a wide variety of equipment to be deployed in the prevention and clean-up of oil spills. Part of the fleet is equipped with skimmers, oil spill detection devices, contention barriers and dispersant spray systems.

Ocean Towage: Thanks to its powerful tugs and specialized equipment, Ultratug provides ocean towage services of any length.

Pilot Transfer Services: For more than 20 years, Ultratug has provided reliable and safe pilot transfers in the harsh environment at both ends of the Strait of Magellan.

River Transport Services: Since 2014, the company operates pusher tugs and barges through the Uruguay River, transporting annually around 2 million tons of logs.

Offshore: Ultratug started its Offshore Support operation in 1985, focusing on the Chilean and Argentinean markets. In 2006, Ultratug partnered with Wilson Sons and has become one of the largest players in the Brazilian offshore market, with a modern fleet of platform supply vessels, shallow diving support vessels and oil recovery vessels.

Ultratug provides harbour towage and maritime support services in seven countries along the Pacific and the Atlantic coasts of Latin America

Wilson Sons UltraTug Offshore is one of the leading providers of maritime support to oil exploration and production activities in Brazil

Towage & offshore

Wilson, Sons UltraTug Offshore S.A. (WSUT) is a joint venture between Wilson, Sons (Brazil) and UltraTug (Chile). WSUT is controlling two ship owning companies: Wilson, Sons Offshore S.A. (WSO) and Magallanes Navegação Brasileira S.A. (MNB) operating Offshore Supply Vessels with focus on offshore activities in Brazil.

The WSUT group is one of the biggest Brazilian OSV operators with a fleet of 25 vessels. Our team consists of 800 people of which 630 are crew members on board our vessels.


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Cargoes & Services

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LGP & Petchem Gases

Navigator Gas operates a fleet of ethylene and semi-refrigerated gas carriers, with sizes ranging from 3,500 cbm to 35,000 cbm capacity.

Dry bulk

Through its subsidiaries Ultrabulk and Horizon, Ultranav serves a wide range of dry bulk segments. The fleet transports numerous types of dry cargo.

Coastal trades

Ultranav has many years of extensive knowledge operating in the coastal areas of South America. We cover a variety of trading platforms in different segments.

Towage & offshore

Ultranav is active in both towage and offshore segments through the subsidiaries Ultratug and Wilson Sons Ultratug Offshore.

Ultra Ventures

Ultra Ventures invest in maritime related start up companies, with the focus on new technologies.


UltraSafe is a programme designed to anchor safety within our culture. Its aim is to create a safety culture which everyone trusts; resilient and strong.

Fuel efficiency

Ultranav continuously investigates and invests in different devices and technologies to optimise our vessels and practices towards more sustainable solutions.


Ultranav operates a diversified fleet including owned tonnage, chartered tonnage and joint venture/co-owned vessels in different segments, offering a full variety of shipping services.