Sustainability is high on the agenda for many businesses as for Ultranav, and by 2050 Ultranav is committed to have a zero emission fleet in international commercial operations and to be climate neutral. To achieve this goal, we continuously explore options and devices the can lower emissions. And today, we want to let you in on two maritime energy-saving devices we have recently implemented: PBCF (Propeller Boss Cap Fins) and Schneekluth ducts.


PBCF is an energy saving device with the potential to enhance propeller efficiency with up to 5% fuel oil savings. Since March 2023, PBCF has been installed on our product tanker, Pudu, and due to the outstanding results, Ultranav’s Fleet & Projects division has placed an order for five additional PBCF units. These energy saving devices will be installed on five of Ultranav’s owned tankers operating in Panamax International.

Scneekluth duct

The Schneekluth ducts functions alongside PBCF offering several benefits to the vessel. Key benefits include:

Increased propulsive efficiency

Schneekluth ducts are designed to optimise the flow of water around the ship’s propeller. By effectively guiding the water flow, they can reduce the propeller-induced swirl and improve the efficiency of the propulsive system. This leads to a more efficient propulsion system, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and increased range.

Enhanced manoeuverability

Ducts can improve the manoeuverability of a ship, especially at low speeds. They provide better control over the water flow around the propeller, allowing for improved steering response and enhanced manoeuvering capabilities, particularly during docking, berthing, and other close-quarters operations.

Reduced resistance and drag

The streamlined design of Schneekluth ducts helps in reducing the overall hydrodynamic resistance of the ship. By minimising the drag, the ducts contribute to a decrease in the power required to propel the ship, resulting in fuel savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Improved stability and seakeeping

Schneekluth ducts can have a positive impact on a ship’s stability and seakeeping characteristics. The controlled water flow provided by the ducts can help dampen the ship’s rolling motion and enhance its stability in rough seas. This can lead to a smoother and more comfortable ride for passengers and crew, reducing the potential for seasickness and fatigue.

These maritime energy-saving devices take us closer to achieving our environmental goal of reducing the carbon intensity of the Ultranav fleet. We are very excited to following the results of the vessels!

Learn more about our climate tagets and sustainaiblity here.


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